Aircraft Technical Records Management

Work Package Development and Assessments

It takes specialized skills and knowledge to bring an airplane into your fleet’s maintenance program from another maintenance operation. Every used airplane has its own operational and maintenance history, so no two transitions are exactly alike. AirFleet Managers Team is specializing in Unique Transition Requirements. To Integrate used airplanes into the established maintenance program. Developing solutions for unique maintenance requirements is a matter of routine for Airfleet Managers Pvt. Ltd, India.

We work with airlines and regulatory agencies around the globe to understand how to harmonize airplane maintenance requirements with airline maintenance procedures. We will work with you to develop a plan that addresses your specific operational and maintenance planning requirements, while maintaining absolute airworthiness, avoiding unnecessary maintenance procedures, completing the transition in the shortest time, maximizing airplane availability for revenue service, and minimizing economic impacts.

With bridging program assistance from Airfleet Managers Pvt. Ltd, India, you will gain flexibility to utilize your resources in the most effective manner throughout the transition.

This means your airplanes will be ready to join the fleet and begin earning revenue on schedule.

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