Aircraft Technical Services

AirFleet Managers Pvt. Ltd. India are experienced aviation professional nomads delivering aviation solutions at your doorstep. AirFleet Managers have a proven track record as one of the leading aviation asset management company based in India.

Why do you need AirFleet Managers?

  • We provide qualified and impartial advice on subjects of which the client seeks specialist knowledge and technical know-how.
  • Provides a remote control over your assets, reducing financial burdens
  • Makes it unnecessary to recruit extra staff (of perhaps unproven quality and ability) just for a special assignment or project.
  • Provides expert and un-biased review on the subjects directly to the Accountable Manager.
  • Manages critical engineering and operational processes which require expertise.

The reliable and dependable team of AirFleet Managers, covers virtually every field of aviation from Annual Review, Lease Transition, Aircraft Re-Delivery, Physical Inspection, Records Review/ Management, maintenance and operations setup and to a continual effective fleet management. Pulling from the experience and know-how of aviation asset management, we help protect your investment by ensuring that Engineering and operational needs are successfully managed in a planned and reliable way.

To ensure that you are stepping in the right direction, contact us for our varied and tailor made service packages to suit your need.

Our Experience
As one of the leading aviation technical consultants in India, we have carried out hundreds of successful projects which have earned us a trusted name in Aircraft Leasing Industry service providers. Our team is constantly working on ever changing trends and technology in leasing industry to keep our clients ahead of time. Providing unbiased advice for making right decision in timely manner to some of the world’s leading Aircraft Leasing companies, investors and operators has made us one the best choice in the region.

We constantly evolve our expertise and align with our client’s requirement to provide reliable and quality services. Our team of technical consultants meet the industry standards and are committed to deliver quality services in timely manner. With each new assignment, our wealth of industry knowledge continues to grow, and we apply this experience to each and every project we undertake, providing our clients with appropriate, high quality impartial recommendations.

Our Capabilities - Best in the segment
With proven track record in aviation technical consultancy, AirFleet Managers is well versed with challenges and opportunities in the field. Our experienced team is Eveready for any and all type of projects. Our consulting capabilities include, but are not limited to, Aviation Asset Management, Lease Monitoring, Aircraft Transition, Aircraft Physical Inspections, Technical Record Management, Annual Reviews, Delivery/Re-delivery and Auditing of Airline Maintenance department.

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