Technical Director

Vimal Priya

Technical Director
Mr. Vimal Priya is the Technical Director of Airfleet Managers Pvt Ltd. He is FAA Qualified and Approved Aircraft Engineer (Trade: Airframe & Powerplant) with 20 years of impassioned aviation experience on a variety of wide body and narrow body Aircraft like B747-200/-300/-400, B737-300/800, B757-200, MD-10/MD-11, to name a few. He has worked with several domestic and international airlines in various countries. He has used his versatile aviation experience as the foundation of Airfleet Managers Pvt Ltd.

Here are some highlights of his momentous work experience:
Within the engineering division, He has successfully held responsible positions like the Maintenance director, head of quality and safety audits cell, maintenance representative etc. and worked in various parts of the world like Asia, Africa, Europe etc.

As part of the considered career advancement, He has started working for airlines like British Airways, Altas Air, Polar Air, Evergreen, North American Airline, FedEx, American TransAir to name a few, Designated as their Maintenance Representative/Station In Charge, for monitoring line maintenance activities on their aircraft.

Had been actively involved in setting up and continual up gradation of the Quality Audit Cell as per EASA 145 Regulations for some of the major domestic airlines.

A challenge striving individual that he is, He moved to Max Air Ltd. to fulfil yet another quest where, he could utilize his aviation experience at setting up complete maintenance and Engineering Department. He successfully carried out Interior Mod / LOPA change, Major checks up to C 05/06 checks for a fleet of 4X B747-300 aircraft. After pushing the airline to a self sustainable level He moved over to expand his knowledge into the leasing world.

Has joined AirFleet Managers as Technical Director and so far have done numerous aircraft transition for some of the most reputed Lessors/ Owners in leasing industry. Work scope covering Annual review, Records Audit/ Management and Physical Inspection. Hands on experience on Lease monitoring/transition, delivery/ re-delivery Technical Records Management of A320,A330, B737, B747, B1900D etc to name a few.

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