Lease Management/ Asset Management

Airlines around the world have different ways utilizing an aircraft and even different ways of maintaining the technical records, which is often governed by the local authority requirements, Lessee’s convenience and various other factors beyond a Lessors control. This makes the regular monitoring of the leased asset all the more important.

We, at AirFleet Managers Pvt. Ltd., have a very carefully designed process for performing these Annual / Mid-Term Inspections so that any issues that could potentially violate the contract agreements are identified; thereby saving a lot of time and effort during the final transitions.

While the Lessee has no intention of consciously violating the lease contract, it is not practical for the Lessee to pay attention to minor details of all the lease contracts and maintain the records accordingly. In the last few years, while performing these audits for various industry leaders, our team of professionals has helped identify multiple major and minor shortfalls in the aircraft maintenance and the records maintaining pattern of the Lessee’s being audited and have ensured timely correction of the same with their expert advice and suggestions.

Working with numerous different Lessor’s on a regular basis, our team is quick to adapt to and execute the demands of each checklist provided. An unbiased Physical & Records Inspection Report at the end of the audit will ensure that you get a very accurate status of your asset and plan ahead.

Aircraft Delivery / Re-Delivery
The process of an Aircraft delivery / re-delivery or Repossession could mean the difference between profit and loss for a Leasing Company. With numerous Aircraft deliveries / re-deliveries & Repossessions already executed for some of the most prominent names in the aircraft leasing world, AirFleet Managers Pvt. Ltd. is always ready for more challenges and opportunities.

Our team of dedicated, efficient & experienced professionals will make this aircraft transition smooth by:

  • Complete Technical Records review & Aircraft Physical Inspection to ensure compliance with the lease return conditions.
  • Reporting & resolving the defects and / or non-compliance issues with the aircraft and the aircraft records.
  • Liaising with the Technical Management Team.
  • Ensuring full and correct compliance with re-delivery work-scope by Lessee or Lessee’s MRO.
  • Seamless coordination for aircraft delivery to the next lessees / operators.
  • Coordination for potential customer inspections.

As the face of your organization while handling these demanding assignments, our team's professional handling will conserve the valuable relation that you share with your Lessees'. Pulling from the rich and extensive knowledge gained through working with major airlines, various projects and from the experience and know-how of aviation fleet management, we help protect your investment by ensuring that the engineering and operational needs are successfully managed in a planned and reliable way.

To ensure that you are stepping in the right direction, contact us for our varied and tailor made service packages to suit your need.

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