Pre Purchase Inspection

AirFleet Managers has supported several industry leaders in expanding their fleet by establishing the current maintenance status of the aircraft and determining required bridging maintenance to be performed in order to seamlessly integrate the aircraft into the operator’s fleet with minimal transition downtime and cost.

Basic components

  • Aircraft / Equipment Physical Inspection
  • Maintenance Records Inspection

Airfleet Managers Pvt. Ltd, India have an exhaustive inspection process specific to each aircraft type, which involves a detailed physical inspection of the aircraft and it’s components, Records review of the subject equipment is carried out by our experts to Verify that the aircraft meets conditions of purchase agreement from all aspects.

Determining the maintenance status of aircraft requires great expertise, which comes handy to us with our team of experienced technical aviators, which has carried hundreds of transitions. Our experts determine the maintenance status of the aircraft, discover and highlight any shortcomings that must be resolved. We also ascertain the aircraft configuration in terms of engines, avionics, cockpit, cabin layouts, etc and determining the modifications which must be performed/ reversed to ensure a smooth induction into the fleet.

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